Rén is a traditional Chinese character that can be roughly translated as "humanity" or "humaneness". The rén rén is a "benevolent" or "humane person".

Bǐ mò is a term for "pen and ink", "words" or bits of writing.


Hello. This is a blog generally for my thoughts and writings. I will attempt to write 3-4 times a week. I've been pretty good about it so far. Some days I just need more time to write what I'm working on and some days my mind is as dry as a bone - but mostly my brain is like the good juicy bones that you get out of roasts that are full of marrow.

I've been a reader since I can remember. I learned young and never stopped. I've been a writer since the fourth grade. I had a teacher that believed in the method of learning through writing. We wrote about everything - all the subjects and "published" our own little books. I can't remember a time since then that I did not have notebooks and loose pages anywhere and everywhere with bits of writing and stories.

On this blog, you will mostly find prompts and bits of writings that I'm working on. If you have a suggestion for a writing prompt, feel free to comment. You might also find some political/ educational/ philosophical ranting here from time to time, but that’s what happens when the author is married to a philosopher.

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