Rén is a traditional Chinese character that can be roughly translated as "humanity" or "humaneness". The rén rén is a "benevolent" or "humane person".

Bǐ mò is a term for "pen and ink", "words" or bits of writing.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thai Fare

Today's poem comes from a memory of my recent honeymoon in Bangkok. A wonderful city to visit in the Land of Smiles. 

Thai Fare

The wind of the traffic blows my hair back
as the tuk-tuk driver nervously smiles and nods,
hoping we don’t notice a different face on the license.
A night, previously too hot to walk so far is now
cool with gusts of wind on our sweating brows.
A hand squeezes mine and I look left to see
my new husband smiling like a child at the fair,
whooping with laughter at the roller coaster of Thai traffic.
A skyward glance gifts me with the strangeness of spiderman
decorating ceiling, the red seating piped with blue
sticking to my legs in the heat. At a stop, I point up
and am rewarded with a broad grin, the child-like quality
renewed. All thoughts of “over-priced” transport
and smile-negotiated fares disappear as joy blossoms
on his face in the glow of the city lights. 

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