Rén is a traditional Chinese character that can be roughly translated as "humanity" or "humaneness". The rén rén is a "benevolent" or "humane person".

Bǐ mò is a term for "pen and ink", "words" or bits of writing.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

River Sketches

Today was the first day that we got out to the trail. Our trail. I got to sit out at the river a bit and get a few words onto paper. It's nothing much - just the things that float through one's head while listening to the water flow:

Softly the waterfall of thoughts turns

to white noise, gurgling and flowing past me.
Slowly beneath the surface fish spot their prey
settling on the surface tension
                                    nothing left but waves


Leaves drop one by one into the current
drifting lazily, then picking up speed,
never knowing when the tipping edge will come
to toss them, turn them asunder.


From among the greens a peacock flutter,
dragonflies cloud my vision

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